Upgrading medical personnel PROfessional skills regarding specialties relevant for multidisciplinary RARE GENEtic diseases management – PROGENERARE


PROGENERARE, a project started by the team from Dolj County Regional Center for Medical Genetics (www.geneticamedicala.ro), in collaboration with the Romanian Prader-Willi Association (www.apwromania.ro), is implemented by Romanian and foreign professionals with recognized competences in domains like education, research and holistic multidisciplinary management of genetic pathology and rare diseases.

Project implementation period

Project implementation period 4 years, 02.26.2018-12.09.2021.
Contract number 108073/ POCU/91/4/8/01.09.2016
Contracting authority AMPOCU – EU funds
Project type POCU
Budget 9856094.68 RON


The general objective of this project is to improve the quality of medical services in Romania , in the genetic and rare diseases area, through:

  • increasing the competence level of professionals;
  • a dynamic educational environment;
  • medical personnel access to qualitative materials and educational programs;
  • specific IT skills and activities management in rare diseases.

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